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Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide

By drcoolio34502-07-2015

Where to start, where to start. Rising Tide, much like Civilization V's Gods and Kings expansion, brings tons of new options to that classic Civ gameplay in Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Rising Tide, as you may have guessed, has a lot to do with the seas. Explorers can now build cities on the water's surface rather than just on land, gaining access to all the resources that used to be just out of reach, but it'll also have to deal with the threat of all of the sea monsters, both old and new.

Artefacts and a have also been added to the game. Artefacts are pieces of ancient technology that you'll pick up throughout the game much like resource pods and crashed satellite resources, but instead of gaining base resources you'll gain access to new buildings and wonders depending on if you use them individually or combine several of them at once.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Civilization DLC package if they didn't add new leaders too. The newest sponsor belongs to the Al Falah, a people specializing in surviving with scarce resources.

Besides that there's minor UI improvements like clicking on a leader to see who they're currently at war with and who they get along with, and a diplomacy system that was unexplained but promised to be "greatly expanded."

It doesn't seem to be quite as game-changing as Brave New World or Gods and Kings was for Civ 5, but not many DLC packages can achieve feats that huge. You can expect Rising Tide to be out on the market this Fall.

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