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Civilization Beyond Earth - Rising Tide is Available Now

By drcoolio34510-10-2015

Oh Firaxis, when will you start making movies? These cinematics are just too good.

Rising Tide, a $30 DLC package for Beyond Earth that brings a new sponsor/civ, new gameplay that lets you settle and adventure out on the sea, new threats from aquatic aliens, and a revamped Affinities system that lets you mix-and-match benefits as you progress.

Just like Brave New World and Gods and Kings did for Civ 5, Rising Tide keeps the core content of the game while adding onto it, doing nothing but improving the original formula while taking away nothing at all.

Rising Tide is out right now, so if you're still colonizing those distant planets out there and out-competing other sponsors, this s might be a good buy for you.

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I was very impressed with he cinematic as well, and so far I've really enjoyed the gameplay changes. Do we know if Firaxis did the cinematic, though? I thought most game cinematics were done by 3rd party studios, such as Plastic Wax and Blur.