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Civilization Beyond Earth Rising Tide Details

By WskOsc06-07-2015

Details might be a bit of a strong word but there is ~a~ detail about the new gameplay to expect from the post made by Kevin Schultz on the Civilization official site.

While mostly waffling on about the art design and how things look exceedingly black and brown we do learn that the original art will be updated in Rising Tide too. The new ability to settle cities on water tiles is bringing Beyond Earth closer to its still superior ancestor but is surpassing it in one area at least – water cities will be able to move around. Imagine migrating a high production city to an enemy coastline to launch forces from a nearer staging point.

We don't know what else Rising Tide will have in store, fingers crossed for a decent expansion that might breathe new life into the rather disappointing Beyond Earth. Stay tuned for more updates.

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