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Civilization: Beyond Earth Chungsu and Hybrid Affinities

By drcoolio34501-10-2015

Rising Tide, the upcoming DLC package for Civilization: Beyond Earth, planned to introduce more ways to tackle naval warfare and exploration, but apparently we're getting more than just that.

Choosing and developing affinities is what makes up the majority of a match as any Beyond Earth player knows, but besides visual aspects, they've been a bit too similar for some players tastes. Hopefully Rising Tide's "Hybrid Affinities" will fix that problem by allowing players to pick and choose what traits they want from each affinity to create the "perfect" unit or base.

Beyond affinities, Rising Tide will also be introducing a new faction specializing around spies and playing from the shadows. The Chungsu are a mysterious bunch and the gameplay specifics are unknown, but from the sound of things they're less adept at tackling matters head on than the other factions, but better at working behind the scenes. They're smugglers and schemers, not fighters.

To check out the other details of Rising Tide, you can check out our previous coverage of Rising Tide here and here.

You can be expecting these updates with Rising Tide when it releases on October 9th for $30 or $26 (£22.49 - currency Ed.) if you pre-order on Steam beforehand.

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