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Cities of Tomorrow are Still Online

By JcDent30-10-2013

SimCity Online is kind of a polarizing game – something you wouldn't expect from a city building sim. And yet it lurches on, despite lies, an horrendous launch and insulting simplification. For example, here's the launch trailer for Cities of Tomorrow DLC, where EA rips off Anno 2070 for some reason.

See, this trailer presents the two new options in the DLC, the Academia based high-tech approach and Omega Corp heavy industry, with Saturday morning cartoon levels of sillyness. Kind of the same contrast that existed in Anno 2070: do you want a safe, clean, if a bit expensive option, or do you just want to strip mine everything for a quick buck? So it's basically the same here, only with the added option of building huge living towers (these aren't Hives, but you can see them from here) level by level... Kind of cool, but I feel like I have already seen it somewhere.

But anyways. SimCity Online – you either love like a zealot or hate with unbridled passion. Whatever the case, Cities of Tomorrow DLC is here.

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Cities XL ftw

Posts: 1548

@acharris77 - same here. I suck at city builders but always love them. Can't justify the price and always online though.

Posts: 166

It was such a shame about this game, I have always been a fan of SimCity games and this one was just disappointing. Never bought it cause of the reviews.

Posts: 1548

I'll wait for the GOTY offline edition