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Cities Extra Awesome Sequel Edition

By KenpoJuJitsu324-12-2014

Yo jurors, get those zoning permits ready because Focus Home Interactive have announced Cities XXL, the next title in their popular city builder franchise.

I'm gonna be honest here, there had to be a dozen different names they could have chosen over adding another X to the last game's title. They could have done something original like adding the year to the title...or they could have just called it "Cities" like it's the first game when it's really not. That's never been done before right? OK, those quips aside, Focus are promising over 1000 buildings, massive maps, modding, Steam workshop support, and a host of city management features backed by beautiful graphics and a streamlined UI. Sounds good to me as long as the city infrastructure is good and bug free.

What say you jurors? Does Focus have you considering giving their XXL city a home on your PC or will you deny their application for residence on your hard drive? Let us know in the comments.

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