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Cinematic Trailers Extending Heavensward

By daicon13-04-2015

Square-Enix released an extended 5 minute long trailer for the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward. The trailer features cinematic action of the Dragoon class in new the explorable city-state of Ishgard.

FFXIV's first expansion will increase the level cap of all jobs to 60, introduce a new draconic 'Au Ra' playable race, and bring the Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian jobs to the game.

Heavensward is set to launch this Summer on June 23 simultaneously on PC, MAC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Pre-ordering allows access to the early headstart period starting on June 19 along with bonus in-game items 'Chocobo Chick Courier' vanity pet and the 'Baron Circlet', worn by Cecil Harvey from FFIV.

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