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Cinematic of Vengerberg

By Kelevandos23-10-2014

As most of you probably already know, the Witcher 3 team will be showing the game's intro in 3 days. To be more precise, it will be revealed during the Golden Joystick finale Twitch stream on the 24th. Up until now, all we had was a short teaser with a sting-like object. This has changed right about a moment ago! Ladies and gentleman, I present you the Witcher 3 trailer's trailer! Has awesome sound to it, eh?

The intro is marvellous in terms of visuals, proving that Tomasz Bagiński and his team at Platige Image studio are getting better with each game. Also, did you hear that they are actually planning to release a Witcher movie with such visuals? If you ask me, we are in for a Slavic-themed Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!

Anyway, let's have a look at the fragment itself. In it, a pitch-haired woman apparently massacres a host of cavalry. She achieves that by throwing a rock, which explodes into waves of debris. Ok, what is going on, you ask?
The girl is Yennefer of Vengerberg, a master of magical arts and pretty much Geralt's significant other. Some of you will remember she was missing in the previous two games and that Geralt picked up a trail about her near the end of Witcher 2. Well, here she is. But where exactly? The cavalrymen seem to be forces of Nilfgaard, a mean empire the player had the rather unpleasant chance to meet in the previous instalment as well. It is therefore safe to assume that this is where she is.

This is not much, yeah, but as a fan of the Witcher's universe I am really excited to see this. Yen's presence in the upcoming game has been already revealed some time ago, but there is never too much evidence of such an awesome fact! Believe me, her appearance will spice things up and make the story even more interesting. Also, if the Lady of Vengerberg learns about the events of the previous two Witcher games, we are in for a spectacular scene of Triss tortures and death... Yup, Yen does that.

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