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Chuck Stuff With Brian Blessed

By MrJenssen06-09-2013

Brian Blessed. Actor. Conqueror of Mount Everest. Speaker of about a billion languages. King Henry VIII. King Richard IV. Also Kingmaker. All at once. See this delightfully soft-spoken man take some lessons from experts on the various ways to perform ranged warfare in Roman times. Slingshots, javelins, siege weapons, bows and siege weapons. Even the pettiest of weapons can inflict massive damage on its victims if used right.

Total War: Rome 2 is already out, and though our reviewer favored it, many have reported severe issues. This has resulted in developer Creative Assembly admitting the faults and promising to release weekly updates to fix the problems. The first of which was released today, improving performance and a number of bugs. You can expect our Case Closed to be published this weekend.

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@Jenssen, YES XD

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fix the game instead, stop throwing sticks

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Did I just say siege weapons twice? O.o