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Chronicling the Life of an Assassin or Three

By Bobfish02-04-2015

Remember that DLC sub-game that Ubisoft were talking about? Back before Assassin's Creed Unity became the laughing stock of /r/gamephysics? Welp, my wish has been granted. It's not just a neat little spin-off in a season pass anymore, it's spawned a whole series all of its own. The first of them, that being the one I'm most interested in, comes on April 22nd and follows the story of Shao Jun, an enigmatic young Chinese woman. Perhaps best known by most Creed fans for her mention in Assassin's Creed 3 (when Achilles gives Connor the rope dart) and her more substantial involvement in the Embers animation.

The second...now that's a completely new one on me, I'm not ashamed to admit. Following the exploits of one Arbaaz Mir circa 1841 India, this tale revolves around a Templar in possession of a former assassin 'aterfact' and makes mention of protecting Mir's lover. Something the series as a whole has shown little of thus far. Romance I mean, not his lover specifically.

The last one of the three (thus far) is another wee story that piqued my attention a while back as well. Jumping into 1918 Russia, in the boots of one Nikolai Orelov. A Russian (probably) man who, you should know, was the ancestor of the batshit insane Subjet 4, Daniel Cross. The one who had all them flashbacks in the third game. Orelov's game features some of the most modern weaponry seen in the series, and a very bleak, almost monochrome, visual aesthetic which has every pretentious bone in my body screaming out in joy.

There is no concrete release schedule at this time, but China is already available for pre-order on Steam (thanks Steam queue!) for a most agreeable £7.99.

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