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Chris Taylor Very Coy About TA2

By JcDent12-10-2013

Chris Taylor, a renowned industry legend behind Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege, Demigod and Supreme Commander, went on a podcast with CNC-INSIDE.DE and talked about his history with video games. While it's all very interesting (at least the English summary hints as much), the question on everybody's mind is "Are you making Total Annihilation 2?".

For those not in the know, Total Annihilation was a game about two parts of humanity that have fought for so long, that they forgot who they are and why they fight. Giant commanders would meet on the battlefield, always surrounded by highly replaceable units, and only one would survive. This idea was followed by Supreme Commander and now Planetary Annihilation made.

So, while asked about Supreme Commander 2, Taylor said that a bit of the nerd inside him died with game's more simplistic approach to economy. He's hopeful to rekindle it – but not on a SupCom series, since Square Enix holds the rights. No, this might be done through Wargaming.net, since they bought the rights to TA.

But since he dodged the question, the Germans tried again, later in the show: Is he working on TA2? He said he couldn't say anything, but that we should use our imagination as that would serve us well.

...so, sequel to Demigod, eh?

Just kidding, everybody hopes that it's TA2. Well, with Planetary Annihilation, he'll have competition and that usually brings forth more effort. Usually.

So, how many of you actually played Total Annihilation?

P.S. The podcast can be found here.

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Posts: 297

I doubt it'll happen, hopefully I'm wrong.

Posts: 1548

Please make it happen.