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Chris Taylor - I’d Like To Make TA2

By Fr33Lanc3r.00715-04-2013

Chris Taylor, noted developer of Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege, has been thinking about returning to one of his most well known games - Total Annihilation. Speaking to VG247, Taylor opened up about the difficulties in attempting to return to the TA universe, saying "the problem is you can't just make a sequel to a game that's 17 or 16 years old. You have to update and evolve it to fit into the current situation in the market. But it's a really complex question to answer because, do people want something that's been evolved, or do they want to just go back in time and imagine that it's 1998."

I'm honestly not sure whether I would prefer a more modern RTS with Total Annihilation stamped on the cover over a direct sequel that uses what TA originally was, and we do have Supreme Commander - which is widely considered Total Annihilation's spiritual successor. Anyway, in a perfect universe, would you like to see a Total Annihilation Sequel, and how would it look if it was going to happen?

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Get your dirty paws of my most beloved RTS game Chris! Knowing you, you will probably try to make it and MMO/MOBA game! So just let it rest in peace, Planetary Annihilation is gonna give me that peace of satisfaction now.