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Chris Roberts Supports Competition

By Bis18marck7019-12-2012

You’d think that Chris Roberts would want Sci-Fi fanatics to only spend money and support his upcoming title Star Citizen. Well, from a business standpoint, that would be the sensible thing to do. Yet, last night he somewhat surprised us with by trying to rally support for Elite: Dangerous and Project: GODUS. The former still has 16 days to go but with a sum of £450.000 still missing, they seem to be on the losing side. On the other hand, Project: GODUS has little more than 48hours before the hammer strikes and they still need roughly £15.000.

Whether his intentions are purely empathetic, part of some marketing ploy or an attempt to taunt his potential rival Elite: Dangerous with the assumption that without him, Chris Roberts, the game would never have gotten far, is debatable. What is not debatable however is the fact that it seemed to work –at least in the case of Peter Molyneux’s project. At Robert’s time of writing, the game still needed £60.000 – as you can see from my previous mentioned figure, that has shrunken drastically in the last 24 hours.

If Elite: Dangerous will see the same kind of support is questionable. The project was sadly launched with rather suboptimal timing right after most Sci-Fi fans – both those that enjoyed previous games by Chris Roberts and David Braden – had put down their money for Star Citizen. Still, let’s hope both games get funded, a little bit of competition will do the industry well.

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