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Chris Roberts: He Wants the Spotlight

By Bis18marck7011-09-2012

If you are a fanatic for sci-fi/ space simulations, then it might be that the following words could make you squeal in delight: It seems Chris Roberts, the man behind titles such as Wing Commander, is back. A new site went up to give fans the opportunity to sign on and to gain more information on what is supposed to follow. As well as that, the site aims to

“… bring together truly hardcore space simulation fans from around the world to celebrate the genre and remind them what made Wing Commander, Privateer, Starlancer and Freelancer great!”

It’s a good thing that this is being said because sadly, until now, the site is largely empty if you ignore the ego boosting Chris Roberts advertisement and the personalized ‘inspired by Apple’ messages that greet you from start to finish and holds little more than promises then actual substance. Our hopes are high that the ‘big’ announcement, set to come on the 10th of October at 10am, will show us some real data, ideas and development.

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*he says with

Posts: 233

Freelancer was only developed until 2000 with Chris Roberts in charge. The project was a drain on the resources his company had and Microsoft bought Digital Anvil at the end of 2000 with Roberts staying only for a short time in an advisory role. He had initially set out the grand scale of the game and made lots of promises. The game itself wasn't bad, on the contrary, it was highly entertaining but it feel short of basically all promises made. Due to the changes after the takeover, this can not be entirely seen to be his fault. However, even with Microsoft scaling down the game it took another 2 years for it to reach the public while before that the release was already pushed back a few times. It seems to me that Roberts, even though he was the 'brain' behind some great games and might be full of good ideas and bursting with creativity, it's a man who is able to realistically plan a project and make compromises based on technological limits. I'll take everything he has with a healthy dose of salt.

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Freelancer is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm certain something awesome will be on the horizon now.