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Chris Harris and GRID 2

By Leigh Cobb28-01-2013

GRID 2 is on track to release Summer 2013, so Codemasters have been showing off some new gameplay and behind the scenes footage into the game's development, as well as the research into the vehicles behind it.

Codemasters teamed up with motoring journalist Chris Harris to take two McLaren MP4-12C's around Brands Hatch circuit, with Harris receiving 'help' from Codemasters and GRID 2, to overcome the McLaren test driver and finish 1st.

"As someone who spends so much time in the latest supercars, it's been fascinating seeing the intricacies of the Codemasters development process used to create these virtual machines, and the accuracy of the results is mind-bending!"

Yeah, it's basically a fancy paid advertisement with endorsement from Harris, but still, there is some gameplay in there, overlapping with real life film segments. Commenter's on the YouTube video are a teensy bit annoyed by the lack of a cockpit view which, once realised, become impossible to ignore. Instead the trailer uses a hood of the car view, which for a supposed simulator is a little disappointing.


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Grid is one of m favorite racing games, so i have high hopes for this one too.