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Choose Your Own Adventure With Dishonored

By Leigh Cobb04-10-2012

In keen anticipation of Dishonored's impending release, Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks have put together an interactive trailer for you to watch and... play?

It sure does a good job of showing off the branching paths the game includes, as well as the various styles of play. Distracting guard, climbing up buildings, using different entrances, awesome fight scenes. Take your pick. This trailer has definitely succeeded in making me even more exited for this game. Something I didn't think was possible.

Give the trailer a go and see what decisions you make, how are you going to play the game when it is released? I know what I'll be doing, plodding along and exploring the levels and generally taking my time. I can be slow if I want to!

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Posts: 1548

Yeah Crossing sounded like a damn good concept but I guess they couldn't deliver. I'm so excited for dishonored. Playing it at Eurogamer Expo didn't help to contain it :P

Posts: 237

Now Arcane should go back and finish Crossing damn it... :D I wnated that game so much...
For this game... when i will upgrade my machine, this will be the first game to play!