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Chivalry Goes East And West

By MrJenssen23-08-2013

In a move that's as odd and unexpected as it is awesome and brilliant, Chivalry-developer Torn Banner has teamed up with Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior to create a truly epic expansion that will include new types of fighters to dash it out with on the battlefields. In this trailer, we're introduced to the Samurai and Spartans, but more are teased to be revealed later on the expansion's official site.

There's not much more info about it, we don't know when it'll arrive or if it will start with only the Samurai and Spartans, or launch everything all at once. But at least, you can vote for your favorite of the two in the site linked above, while you wait.

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Underrated? It was popular as all hell when it first came out. It was rampant on Youtube for the longest time. Reviews also gave it high praise. That has settled now, but there's still tons of full servers at any given time.

Underrated is the wrong word to use.

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I think Chivalry is quite underrated as a game - so am pretty excited for this.

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Hehe yeah, that hole was a pretty nice little touch.

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