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Chivalry Gets Patched, Free Content Incoming

By Leigh Cobb23-11-2012

The Chivalry Developers, Torn Banner Studios, are certainly proving diligent, releasing a patch for Chivalry which addresses a lot of player concerns, as well as making promises of free content in the near future.

You can view the full change log here, but the following major tweaks were made:

  • Completely redone server browser
  • Fixed connection issues
  • Rework of ranged combat (New animations, sounds, Crosshair, “Feel”)
  • Smoothed out animations
  • Massive amount of bug fixes and polish
  • Balance tweaks
  • Fixed auto team balance system
  • Improved weapon unlock/rank system reliability

That's not the only excitement for Chivalry players (an excellent game may I say), they have also posted a Q and A video which you can view above, where Lead Game Designer Steve Pigott talks Chivalry and, more importantly, new content. He promises new weapons, maps and gameplay modes, as well as stating that development for the game is very "community driven".

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is definitely worth your attention. What's more, thanks to the Steam Autumn Sale, it is currently 33% off. There's never been a better time to get into Medieval slaughter.

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Good stuff. I'm hoping for a proper siege mode, duel mode, maybe a new class (berserker double-wielding weapons?) in addition to whatever new weapons and other good stuff they can throw in there. Oh and some new maps. Hopefully within the next few months. :)