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Chiswick! Fresh Horses!

By MrJenssen07-02-2014

Behold! Horses! The Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been doing impressively well since it first launched. This is likely in part due to the ambition of the project, and due to the amount of footage the devs have cleverly been able to pump out. In a new update, we get the horse-food we were promised last time we covered the game.

In the video above, you'll get a good in-depth look at what Deliverance are doing to make their own horse gameplay realistic and enjoyable. Apparently, horses are more than mindless vehicles in Deliverance. They will, to an extent, have their own thoughts on the situation they're in. A horse will not willingly jump off a cliff, and will not willingly run straight into a tree just because you're steering it in that direction. You'll also be able to store items onto them as a mobile extra inventory, and whistle to attract them from a distance. Check out the video above for some placeholder animations and so forth.

I'm not too sure about the AI horses. It sounds good on paper - VERY good - but games that take direct control out of your hands and into some often dumb AI in the game, have a tendency to make mistakes when you least expect or need it. Just look at the Total War series for some prime examples.

I mean, let's say that the horse, which is supposed to avoid steep cliffs and automatically jump over low barriers, comes across a barrier or a cliff that isn't registered in the game as it's supposed to. Suddenly, your horse will run straight into or avoid the said barrier instead of jumping over it, and the men chasing after you are able to catch up with you and slice your head off. All because the game took away control from the player at an inopportune moment, and did something stupid about it.

Well, let's hope Warhorse Studios know what they're doing. Let's hope the horse AI will work as it is intended, and won't spazz out and frustrate the hell out of you at badly timed moments. Next time, we'll be getting a closer look at the game's supposedly very realistic combat. So stay tuned for that. We'll of course update you as soon as we know more. Oh, and go back this damn game, will you?

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Who needs Horse AI when you can have advanced next-gen Fish AI?