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Chinese Gamers to Invade DOTA 2

By Toast23-09-2013

Perfect World has been chosen by Valve to gain the exclusive rights in managing the localization of the Chinese version of Dota 2. Anyone in China right now would have had trouble gaining access to a copy of the game, until now. Perfect World and Valve are to grant our fellow gamers over in China the chance to enter the closed Beta starting on the 25th September, later this week.

"We have been working diligently to localize 'Dota 2' for Chinese players and we are now ready to launch unlimited closed beta testing in China for the game," said Robert Xiao, CEO of Perfect World. "We highly look forward to embracing a new world of players to the game and bringing them abundant excitement and fun."

We'll certainly soon hear if it'll be popular in the large asian country or not, everywhere else however seems to enjoy it so far with the daily number of users growing past 500,000 on Steam. Anyway, they'll also be getting access to a range of different microtransaction based items, who knows if there'll be any exclusive items for our asian friends to brag to us with, knowing Valve there just might be.

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