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China to be Invaded by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

By Toast28-09-2013

We don't mean it literally of course! But China will be expecting the return of consoles to their retail stores soon. According to China's State Council, which basically makes all decisions within the country, they publically expressed that they are to lift the ban on video game consoles and media. Of course, each device will need to be pre-approved by the Ministry of Culture before being able to be sold on the shelves in Chinese electrical stores.

Just to catch some of you folks up, there was a decade long ban, in China, of video game consoles back in 2000. Due to China's Government having the view that video games had severe negative impacts on their citizen's lives. What the ban actually did was encourage the massive growth and popularity of PC gaming in the country, along with mobile gaming on phones later on. Consoles were unofficially available in different shops that were privately owned and didn't publically state that they sold them. Despite this, consoles were still very unpopular, but this may be set to change in the future with Microsoft's commitment and investment to Chinese Internet company, BesTV New Media. The deal was estimated to have cost around $237 million USD to start investing to develop family related games and services in Shanghai.

It is expected that at some point over the next 3 years, it will be legalised to purchase them, although there appears to be no specific date of when they'll be sold to the public. This may be stated later, but it could be up to another year before we have an official update.

You might be wondering why we decided to bring this to your attention, even though we dedicate ourselves to PC based news, this is very important for the industry, as it does indirectly affect us to some degree. It opens up other opportunities for services and companies that could possibly take advantage of the situation like Valve with their new plans, possibly some others might want to jump in on the same act.

Hey, I think it's a fantastic move, what do you guys think?

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No, but there's a significantly lower percentage of free to play games on consoles. Which means the pay for your bloody games! model might finally take hold

Posts: 1317

Well PC gaming has been allowed there, so it's not like gaming is a new concept for them. :P

Posts: 267

Americans and Japanese invading China you say...


Posts: 166

It is a good idea as I personally don't believe video games is to blame for anything. China had some strange ideas.

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God bless 'China Flag' on Google Image

Posts: 297

Could be the virtual World War 3 here!

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America and Japan invade China? What in the...