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China Joins Wargame

By JcDent19-11-2013

Wargame is an awesome game and whoever tells you otherwise is a tiny commie mutant traitor. Cold War military action doesn't get better than this and we will be blessed, next year, with the third instalment, called Red Dragon. It will add five more nations (including Best Korea) from Asia, 450 units (up to a 1300 total, even if some are locally produced copies of others) and amphibian and naval units. Hooray! But for now, let's take a little look at China (or the PRC, as video games taught me to call it).

Unfortunately, the first look isn't terribly exciting. While the helo is called "one of the assault models of the 'Harbin' Z-9A helicopter" by the press release, it's just a Chinese licensed copy of Eurocopter Dauphin, probably as exciting to use as the British Lynx (I swear, the fact that only Americans and the Soviets had purpose built attack helos is hurting the game immensely). The other things are "HonQi" HQ-7 or the Type-95 and Type-63 anti-air vehicles, which, in the grand tradition of Wargame (or me just sucking at it), will be able to take down things in low Earth orbit when used by the enemy and won't hit a parked enemy AN-225 at point blank range. All of these combat vehicles also suffer from their lack of popularity as they rarely appear in entertainment media.

I'm still waiting for Best Korea and their tracktor artillery, tho!

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