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China (Finally) Rolls to World of Tanks

By NeonAnderson17-01-2013

The Chinese tank tree has finally been released onto the normal server. Along with the release come 17 new tanks, all inspired by a variety of real Chinese tanks. They can be divided into three unique groups:

  • The first group are the imported vehicles; these either were received from allies through treaties and trading, or were captured from enemies
  • The second group are prototype vehicles; these can be inspired by vehicles from enemy nations or are completely unique designs by Chinese engineers
  • The third group are tanks created for the sole purpose of governmental tests for a large variety of reasons, these have "WZ" in front of their numerical names

It is also worth noting that any tanks called "Type" within the tech tree are ones that were entered into actual service. More details about the tanks can also be viewed here.

Along with the patch comes a very cool competition, the details of which can be viewed here. In simple terms it boils down to obtaining the highest amount of base experience any of the 17 Chinese tanks to win prices dependant on the tank and your position within the server in terms of the experience obtained in a single battle.

Below, are some pictures of the new China tanks and the full new tech tree.

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