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Chernarus In ARMA 3

By BloodyFanGirl14-04-2013

Get a load of the lighting on that! The fictional nation of Chernarus from ARMA 2, and the popular mod for that game DayZ, has been imported into ARMA 3. As one would expect it looks rather pretty. Reddit user PurePassion has kindly uploaded comparison screen shots to highlight the graphical differences between the ARMA 2 and this new ARMA 3 version of Chernarus. You can take a gander at those below. These screen shots certainly look much better than the 'great' British summer outside my window in real life if nothing else.

As nice as these screen shots are, one should not take these as an indication of what the recently announced standalone DayZ game shall look like. Dean 'Rocket' Hall has already written on the DayZ tumblr that, unlike the original mod that ran off of the ARMA 2 engine, the standalone game will not be running on the ARMA 3 engine.

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