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Check out Heroes of the Storm’s UI

By CameronW14-03-2014

I know there's like, a million MOBAs all over the place now thanks to the success of games like League of Legends and Dota 2, but if there are any upcoming ones you should be paying attention to it should be Heroes of the Storm. Community Manager Kevin Johnson or "Cloaken" sits down with the alpha build of Heroes of the Storm and shows off the UI features that everyone's going to be seeing as soon as they launch the game.

Cloaken covers stuff like the social features, menus, daily quests, and of course the store where you can spend your hard earned in game or real world money to trick out your current heroes, or to buy new ones. One interesting thing is the "Skin Variations" where you can complete in game quests to unlock different color schemes for skins you currently have unlocked. In League of Legends something like that would just be a separate skin that you'd have to spend real money on to get, so it's good to see an option for people who don't want to put money into a Free to Play game but still want to look a little different.

There's also a "Try" button for unpurchased heroes that lets you drop the character into a sandbox map and kill a bunch of minions and AI controlled enemy heroes to see if you like the character's moveset and to further your decision on if you want to spend money on it. I like this a lot more than League's way of doing it where you just wait for the champion to go on the free rotation then do a cooperative match.

Speaking of cooperative matches, those are also a thing in Heroes of the Storm if you're a big baby like me and get stressed when you're getting your butt stomped in in versus. You can play practice with an AI controlled team and AI enemies, cooperative with random (or friends list) people against AI, and the usual versus match where everyone's human and typing mean things to each other in chat.

Heroes of the Storm looks like fun, and Blizzard is damn good at making a UI. Look at that crap, man. You can opt in to the Heroes of the Storm Beta here.

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