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Chasing Amy...In Your Dreams

By Bobfish09-08-2013

Is your wallet crying out in protest at all those glorious Kickstarters you backed yet? No? Good, because we have another one for you. Aside from the twitch inducing abuse of the 2.5D style, Waking Amy is here to remind you what it means to be a geek. This was another one brought to our attention by the developers, and another one I am extremely pleased to hear about.

Now, I'm not usually a fan of side scrolling games, And I have issues with the name Amy...but that's my business. But being all professional and stuff, and totally not exercising abusing my authority to use the news box as my personal blog or anything, I'm here to tell you about...well, go see for yourself. If ever there was a game that had the sole purpose of being a love letter to every gamer's childhood, Waking Amy is it.

The video above gives details of exactly how this is everything we love all rolled into one, whilst the video below, as the astute amongst you will have alread gleaned from your nigh Holmsian deductive reasoning, shows a medley of gameplay to whet your appetite. Being almost $3000 of the $10,000 goal funded from only 64 backers (that's an average of $50 per!) I think we can safely say this one will see the light of day. Rather than lingering in our nighttime musings.

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