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Chaos Reborn Coming to Kickstarter

By PeterChi23-01-2014

Who remembers Chaos: The Battle of Wizards from 1985? I don't. I was two. It was a strategy game on the ZX Spectrum developed by Julian Gollop of XCOM fame and is about to get a reboot in the form of Chaos Reborn. The game will be a turn based strategy title in which the player assumes the role of a wizard who biffs other wizard with his mighty wizardry. Gollop describes it better:

"The premise was straightforward - you controlled a wizard with a limited number of spells in an arena with enemy wizards, and you had to be the last wizard standing to win the game. I want to take the core mechanics of the original Chaos and expand on them to create a rich experience with diverse multi-player and single-player modes."

Amongst its many features the final game will feature procedurally generated battle arenas, different ways to configure your wizard, lots of equipment, multiplayer pvp, online co-op, tradeable items and character levelling.

For more info and some cool pictures you can check out Chaos Reborn's page on Prefundia here. Expect a Kickstarter page soon and a fully funded Kickstarter page soon thereafter. This will be an amazing game.

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