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Change Of Plans

By MrJenssen08-08-2013

Though Payday 2's listed release date on Steam used to be August 27 up to this point, there's been a change of plans. Apparently, the heist will go down earlier than expected. Come Tuesday 13th, Payday will officially be released on Steam, according to a new blog update at the game's Steam community pages.

Payday 2 is currently in beta, available to anyone who pre-purchases the Career Criminal Edition. I've tried the game out, my preview is already up. Expect a review to come your way very soon after launch.

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Posts: 1317

The irony is that I could've played our review-copy RIGHT NOW if I hadn't pre-ordered the game myself. ^^

Posts: 3290

Maybe they heard our podcast and pushed it forward because of how excited you were.

Seems legit