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Change Logs

By Bobfish26-07-2013

Further to the announcement and simultaneous arrival of the new voice dub for Mars: War Logs, a rather lengthy write-up/interview on Polygon has delved deep into the fine details of precisely why, how and what was changed. In a very frank, candid discussion the two men tasked with the gargantuan task of not only localising, but re-localising the game touched on some very difficult subjects.

Kurt McClung and his writing partner, Simon Mackenzie faced an almost gargantuan, rather unique challenge. This was nothing as simple as taking the original French script, translating it into English andrecording all the dialgoue anew. With the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases right on the doorstep (the first being made available today, with the latter due any day now) they were charged with something far more difficult. To make changes where appropriate, edits where needed, then re-record and fit in to what was left unchanged.

Due to the sensitive nature of much of what was discussed, particularly the very harrowing opening scene of the game, I will refrain from copying anything in here. Instead, I caution you to prepare yourself and leave the link for you to peruse at your own inclination. For those who are of a weak disposition, this is definitely best left unread. To everyone else, have a look, then leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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