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Change And Punishments

By Bobfish30-04-2013

After opting to jump ship from their homemade engine to Unreal 3, Frogwares are showing off some absolutely gorgeous tech demo footage for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. Featuring truly breathtaking light, water and especially mist effects for the latest chapter in the classic literary sleuth's adventures.

The new engines has brought some other changes which we already touched on when the game was officially announced. The most significant being a drastic redesign of the titular character. Making him younger and more unique than the previous incarnations who were, clearly, modelled after the late Jeremy Brett. Making him younger and giving him a bit of a swagger more akin to a certain, newer, Holmes who likes to ride around in red and gold bling in his spare time. But there are more additions promised from the new engine. With vague mention to "new investigation mechanics that the previous engine's limitations did not permit" and the promise of future videos to showcase the new mechanics. So watch this space. We'll keep you updated as and when we learn more. Hopefully without having to wait another two months this time.

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You said it brah.

Standing with his back to the sun, to cast his face into deep, stark shadwoy relief

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Now creepy watson can creep with the best graphics around!