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Chang’e, The Moon Faerie

By NeonAnderson25-07-2013

A new God with some interesting new gameplay mechanics has been added to the game, Chang'e is the Chinese Goddess of the Moon, as explained in the God reveal video, Chang'e is not a personification of the moon but is simply stuck living on the moon. The full lore is explained in the video above.

In Smite, Chang'e is played as a magical ranged caster with some support abilities and has the following abilities:

- Jade Rabbit (Passive): Chang'e can purchase or sell one item at a time from anywhere and her rabbit companion will bring her sold item to the store or go fetch the purchased item for her

- Second passive: In addition, her passive also grants her full movement speed in all directions when using Moon Dances

- Crescent Moon Dance: Chang'e flings a crescent moon that hits all units in its arc, dealing damage while giving physical protection buff to her allies and herself

- Moonlitz Waltz: Chang'e performs an evasive dance, unable to be hit during the action, for each tick of damage this ability avoided, Chang'e restores mana to herself and nearby allies

- Moonflower Dance: Chang'e twirls, scattering flowers around her, and healing herself and nearby allies. This healing stacks up for herself for God her ability hits. Moonflower Dance also reduces the healing of the enemy Gods it hits

- Waxing Moon (Ultimate): Chang'e's waxing moon captivates enemies, dealing damage and stunning them. This stun effect increases for each subsequent enemy God it hits

This patch also brings new voicepacks and skins for existing Gods. The Golden Vulcan and Ultimate Golden Vulcan skin have been added, while Thor, Freya and Chang'e all receive voicepacks.

Perhaps most shocking change that has once again occurred is for nearly the 10th time now; HiRez Studios has changed the restrictions on premade Conquest. This is something they have been changing pretty much every other 2 patches, and it is getting a bit frustrating now. While previous patch saw the restriction removed from Conquest and allowed premade teams of 2, 3, 4, and 5 players to participate in Conquest, it has now once again be added back in and players can only Conquest with groups of up to 3 players or with a full 5-man team. Thus if you are with 4 players you cannot play Conquest together!

As always, if you want to play Smite, click here to register and download the game completely free!

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Smite is not a bad game at all, but man I cant stop the Dota 2!!!