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Chalice of Massive Expectations

By Kelevandos31-05-2013

With their previous Kickstart, Broken Age, in advanced stages of development, guys at Double Fine address the players once more. And the players answer, funding over half of the project in 3 days, as the concept is absolutely brilliant! Not that we would accept anything less from the creators of Psychonauts and Brütal Legend!

Massive Chalice is supposed to be a tactical RPG game influenced by the classics X-COM and Final Fantasy Tactics, with political elements resembling the reality of Game of Thrones. The main idea is that you, the mighty immortal sovereign (or sovereigness), are defending the land against an invasion of demons. You will lead small squads of warriors into tactical, grid-based warfare, but that is just the tip of the iceberg! There is no escaping time for your subject and eventually they will perish. However, given your permission, some of them may retire at a point and create the new generation of kingdom's defenders. Each new generation will get to wield Relics, powerful equipment embodying the strength of their ancestors. Also the game will be randomized in terms of events and the starting units, making every playthrough a new experience!

So it is up to you to decide the future of the kingdom! Do great politics, arrange marriages, fight epic battles and most importantly, watch the above trailer, as it is awesome. If it gets you, head to the Kickstarter campaign page and back the game up!

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Posts: 127

True that, seeing how great projects like Ghost of a Tale (this one was igg to be precise) or Flowstorm struggle to hit the fund at all, despite being in an advanced stage of development with lots of documentation, while a mere idea for a game from Double Fine gets $500k in 3 days and will probably get a few hundred percent of the threshold in the end.

What we face here is the same thing that makes thousands of people buy overpriced Apple or Razer products – fashion, trends, however we call it. It is silly, laughable, but only to the point when, as you said, ambitious project are left alone because people only back the games with a brand behind them. That is a bit against the very idea of Kickstarter even...

Posts: 1317

I'm a little irritated about how people seem to throw endless amounts of money at Double Fine. Double Fine have already proven that they can make just about any game, and still get funding for it somehow. They don't really NEED Kickstarter. And yet, people choose to pay them tons of money for their projects, while there's other projects that are just as promising, and yet end up failing their project goals. Because they're not called "Double Fine", basically.

I seriously doubt most people even play Double Fine's games. I refuse to believe more than 15.000 people (which are currently backing this new project) have also played Stacking, for example. It's just the result of media hype, really. I'm not saying Double Fine don't deserve to get funded, but... really, 1158135982352755312524643575259324% above target? Is that really necessary? Hey, here's an idea folks. SPREAD OUT THE MONEY YOU FUND. There's other projects that I'm sure you would love if they were realized. Projects that you see and go "hey that looks cool, I hope it gets funded", but can't be bothered to actually fund yourself. But then Double Fine comes along, and you're like "here take $2500 for no reason!".