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Centration The Panic Station

By JcDent12-07-2013

/tg/ Station 13 was my favourite iteration of Space Station 13, the simulator where every person on a space station was a player. Thankfully, one guy that worked on the original game and some other talented people are making Centration.

What is it? Well, basically, it's a space station simulator. You get a job - technician, security and so on - and try doing it while hoping that others do the same. Or just cause chaos. This almost invariably ended horribly to most involved in /tg/ Station, can't see why it would be different here.

From we can see in the trailer, the game will be first person and arguably better looking. Realistic physics and airflows (those are important), power systems and such are promised, since one thing SS13 games don't lack, are way to die. Interactive environments is a must and so it's here, will a fairly complex health management system. Somewhat realistic science projects are planned and if SS13 is anything to go by, they're not for the casual player. Finally, combat here is finaly possible without cripling yourself while going over the controls.

I personally think that the space station looks a bit dark and sparce, but we'll se how this develops.

Meanwhile, some people seem to be working on a remake of SS13. Interesting.

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Well, I must confess, this is a new one on me. But I very, very much like the look of it.