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Celebrate Christmas....in Hell

By Toast06-12-2013

Turns out, snowballs actually do exist in Hell...or so I think. Anyway, it's that time of year again with the festive spirit among crowds of people, the joys of shopping for presents for loved ones, the joys of slicing and shooting the undead....actually wait, that last one didn't send very merry.

Well one things for sure, if you're eager to jump back into Killing Floor, then I'd suggest the perfect opportunity to do so would be...right about now. The Christmas event is officially live again, which brings back the Christmas themed Zeds and all their Christmas-y goodness. Not only this, but we don't only have 1, but 2 new maps to play on! Provided by the popular community map maker, Swift_Brutal_Death, the new maps called 'Hell' and 'Forgotten' is sure to keep all of you occupied over the holidays. Unfortunately this time around, there isn't any specific new objective based maps, but hey, there's always next year...

Despite this, you'll be able to obtain the Bad ass Santa skin or the ZED gun again if you've missed the chance to do so in the previous 3 Winter events, along with earning all the related previous festively horrifying achievements. So nothing more to say about the event, lets get to it and slaughter them lads!

Wait, actually there is...some may know about a previous promotion from The Ball which enabled people who pre-ordered it to own a special skin for Killing Floor of hero  Harchier Spebbington , now also finally get another special version of him to play as if you simply own The Ball. However, we still have some good news! The Ball, has also received an update with a brand new 2 hour mini campaign, 100% free with each purchase, so if any of you haven't tried either games yet, now you have an excuse with exciting brand new content for both!

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