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CD Projekt RED Wants Your Face

By Leigh Cobb05-09-2012

CD Projekt RED have launched a competition aimed at those who bought their copy of The Witcher 2 on Steam, the two lucky winners will have their lovely faces in one of their future projects!

If you haven't got The Witcher 2 yet, then pick it up on Steam between the 5th and 30th of September, for a chance to enter the competition. If you already own it, then you're good to go. Sadly, if you bought the game on another service, you're out of luck as far as this competition goes.

Buy The Witcher 2 on Steam between the 5th and the 30th of September and provide us with a proof of purchase along with a short explanation on why you should star in one of our upcoming projects.


Send us a photo of yourself dressed as a character from one of our existing games. You can use various props to make the picture more believable and entertaining. Please make sure to include a short explanation on why we should pick you to appear in one of our upcoming titles.

We will be gathering your submissions until September 30th (Sunday) 10pm GMT (1pm PST) and the authors of best works (one from each submission pool) will be announced in October. All participants must be at least 18 years old and only one entry per person is allowed.

They also included a trailer (above) for the competition, which you can view above. As far as video game competitions go, this one is a little peculiar, but also pretty awesome. Being the devilishly handsome man I am, I'm sure CD Projekt RED will find it in their hearts to include me.

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Posts: 596

This is the strangest marketing I have ever seen done for a game lol

Posts: 1548

@Ruby please don't forget to share the photo with your fellow Pixel Judgers.

Posts: 223

I'm going to dress up as Door #5 :) He was a crazy cat!!!

Posts: 1548

So if I bought it on release I have to dress up in a silly costume?!