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CD Projekt Red and GOG.com Are Feeling Special

By RubyStreams25-09-2012

CD Projekt RED studio, producers of the incredible 'Witcher' franchise and digital distribution platform GOG.com, will be hosting a very special event on October 18th at 6:00pm GMT.

The event will be streamed in its entirety on facebook.com/thewitcher and gog.com. CD Projekt RED fans should be extremely excited about this event as the developer studio will be announcing the name of their new futuristic IP, which is based on the classic pen & paper RPG Cyberpunk, plus more details regarding the project will be revealed.

Mac users should also tune in to the event as more information about The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for OS X release will be shared!

Also, GOG.com will be announcing that it's bringing the best PC games from throughout history to a new operating system (cue game show audience "Ooooooooo"). They will also be showing off a number of new releases as well as offering gamers a unique chance to own some of the greatest classic games ever made for an incredibly low and "literally unbeatable price".

To see all of this and more check out the live stream of the even at 6:00pm October 18th. We will be updating the site with the news as it's announced.

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Posts: 1548

Yeah the title thing was confusing. Oh well hope they come up with something good.

Posts: 240

Awesome. Been buying a lot of games from GOG lately so all the more is fine with me, especially for a great price. Betting that Carmageddon will be one of them to finally be released though or so I hope. As to this video game version of Cyberpunk, I actually thought that they were using the same title. Some details will be good to hear as I, for one, am pretty interested, given how amazing CD Projekt RED are.