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CD Projekt Conference Shows More Witchers

By MrJenssen05-06-2014

At what must be this year's so far biggest event for fans of the esteemed Witcher franchise, CD Projekt RED finally held their long awaited pre-E3 conference. As promised, we got to see more footage from The Witcher 3 - the trailer we've embedded for you above - and also got more details on the release date, price and content of the game on GOG. The Witcher 3 is set to release on February 24 2015, and pre-ordering both the regular version of the game and the collector's edition is already possible. As always, buying the DRM-free GOG.com version gives you a bunch of extra content, and a discount for owners of the previous games in the Witcher series.

CD Projekt also teased a new game at the conference, a tablet and PC version of their upcoming adventure board game, as well as a very interesting concept. GOG are launching their own gaming client sort of deal. It'll supposedly be DRM-free, and won't force itself upon you like most other gaming clients. More interestingly, it'll supposedly let you play multiplayer games with friends that own the games on a different client, so you won't be locked to servers ran by the client where you bought the game. Pretty nifty, if they get it to work right!

If you missed the conference, you can still watch it in its entirety by heading over to GOG.com's livestream page. Sadly, Cyberpunk 2077 was never mentioned during the roughly 30 minute conference.

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Posts: 1548

Lover W2 but still have to finish either game.

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Nice to see more of Nilfgaard. Interesting, if we see Yennefer and Ciri in this trailer.