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CD Project RED: On the Question of DRM

By Bis18marck7024-10-2012

DRM protections – what is it good for? Well, for nothing if you would take the stance of CD Project RED, the developers of The Witcher 2. Although their game was a prime target for pirates, the company remains with its creed that DRM is usually more harmful, especially to those that truly buy the product, than it actually being successful at sinking the marauders of the sea.

Yet and as some of you might remember, back in 2011 the company send out messages to those pirates that they had tracked, asking them to pay up and buy the product they have been enjoying for free. Receiving mostly negative feedback on this move, even from the paying community, CDP has seized the practice and apologized earlier this year. As you can imagine, the hypocrisy behind their action didn’t fall will with the more…thoughtful and caring community.

PR Specialist Agnieszka Szostak has since then, in an interview with our colleagues at PCGamer, confirmed that she believes it to be fair asking pirates to pull out the credit card yet this shouldn’t collide with the company’s policies and believes. She goes on to stress that CD Project will not change its stance on DRM.

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Considering Valve, Gabe Newell, agrees on this fully and has always been saying that DRM only decreases sales, punishes consumers and promotes/legitimises piracy. This stance from CD Project RED only adds even more weight to that, and they proved it with Witcher 2 and GOG.com