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CCP/EVE Online Fanfest

By NeonAnderson29-04-2013

Well, CCP recently held a fanfest and quite a lot has been discussed and revealed by CCP during and after the fanfest. The announcements relate to EVE Online and a new MMO they are working on based on Vampire: The Masquerade games. This new MMO is currently called World of Darkness.

The MMO is still in pre-production, meaning no actual game build has been made yet, however the staff developing the game now has over 70 developers on the team. So if anything, they are definitely getting serious about making it. Currently they are hard at work figuring out and planning what the PvE mechanics will be like, including social tools, item creation and the clothing system. One thing they have revealed is they do not yet intend to have you crafting your own clothes as you are "a powerful, immortal lord of the night" and thus "don't stitch a shirt"... which makes sense.

Beyond World of Darkness, CCP has also released a new video for EVE Online that can be viewed at the top of this news post. That coincides with the upcoming launch of Dust 514 on May 14th of this year, exclusively for PlayStation 3. As Dust 514 will be connected to EVE Online, the trailer above also reveals the name of the update that will fully launch all the Dust 514 features within EVE Online. This update will be called "Forever"; the name refers to the endless fighting that will now take place both on EVE Online in space and on land in Dust 514.

To celebrate the current success of EVE Online, CCP is also releasing a Collector's Edition of EVE Online that will include quite a lot of nifty things for EVE fans. It will be available for 150 Dollars and will include Haettuspil, a physical board game that CCP made in Iceland to fund the development of EVE Online originally. Alongside the translated Haettuspil board game, the Collector's Edition will include the following:

- Golden life pod
- Bloodlines costumes
- Blueprint for a special Battlecruiser
- An Amarr Frigate
- Amarr templar drop suits
- Three unique Amarr weapons
- 10 year anniversary performance CD
- A Rifter model that is also a USB HUB
- Into the Second Decade book, written by Richie Shoemaker
- A mystery code that will unlock special content over the next decade within EVE Online and potentially Dust 514

Pre-orders will also receive a unique item for EVE Online and Dust 514.

EVE news does not end there, far from it. Unsurprisingly, CCP will be creating a comic book series based on true events within EVE Online that will be made by Dark Horse Comics. In addition, and this one was a surprise, CCP is also working on creating a TV series that will also be based on true events and stories from players within EVE Online. Apparently, it will be a dramatized version of events from within EVE Online. It definitely sounds interesting and will be a first. If successful, it could set a new precedent for games being turned into something for TV or cinema.


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