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Castlevania Takes a Turn

By Kelevandos07-06-2013

With E3 nearing, more and more publishers are doing their best to spark the interest in the show's guests and followers.  It would seem that Konami is the most eager of them all right now, with the multi-language "Pre-3 Show" uploaded to YouTube yesterday. Now it is time to try to analyze it a bit further. Let's take a look at the info about the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, the "epic conclusion of the Lords of Shadow saga", as the video has quite much info on it!

Also - *SPOILER ALERT*, especially if you are planning on purchasing the PC port of the first instalment!

In Lords of Shadow 2 we will take up the story of Gabriel Belmont from where it finished in the Resurrection DLC of the first game - it is more-or-less the present day and Gabriel is revealed to be a vampire called Dracula. He is given a proposition – if he helps do defeat the Satan's Acolytes who are preparing the return of their master, he will be freed from his immortality. The offer is made by no other than Zobek, the Sir Patrick Stewart-narrated guy from LoS.

On gameplay side, Gabriel no longer is a Combat Cross-wielding holy knight, but quite the opposite - the very dark spawn he swore to fight. With new dark magic and weapons at hand he will face some brand-new enemies, designed with the series' widely known creativity and scale. Flaming angels, gargantuan golems and wicked abominations are just the beginning, as apart from the usual gothic setting we will, first time in series history, get to take a walk through a modern city! And on an open-world basis at that! Even though I am not a big fan of science fiction and modern fantasy settings, I can see the potential in this one. Come on, slaughtering some back-alley thugs with black magic? Could be just as fresh as Assassin's Creed back when it was released. Also, the developers aim to make the world grow organically, rather than level-to-level. This, and the usual "it will be better, bigger and more beautiful than ever before" is quite much all we have now, but the upcoming E3 is bound to bring more info!

Will Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 live up to its predecessor's success? Or is setting a game from this franchise in modern times just taking it too far? Let us know what you think and be on the lookout for more news from E3!

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