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Castlevania: LoS coming to Steam?

By MrJenssen18-03-2013

It's time for another vague rumor that'll probably get denied within a few days, again. It seems someone's found Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in the Steam registry, which is not the first such rumor found in lists and registries today. Now, this one might not be so far-fetched, compared to some of the other rumors we've been hearing of lately. See, Konami have already confirmed that the sequel to Lords of Shadow will actually en up on PC aswell as the consoles!

So does this mean that Lords of Shadow will pop up on Steam sometime in the near future too? It would only seem reasonable, but you never know with these big publishers nowadays. Fable 2, for example, never made it to the PC. But the first and third games in the series did. The big question is, do we really want this? Do you?

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I do! :D