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Castle of Illusion Remake In The Works

By Merc17-04-2013

When I think back on my childhood, gaming is one of the things I remember fondly. There were many of the classics that thousands of gamers would remember and Castle of Illusion is certainly was one of them. The platforming was wonderful, the animations magical, great sound, and an overall fun game world. You just do not see that many platformers like the good old days. The trailer released does not show any gameplay but there are screenshots that show a very nice looking version of this classic game. It is set to release in the Summer which is not a long way off.

Sega is certainly excited about the remake and let loose some nice screens recently. The game is a remake but will have new mechanics and story merged into the classic gameplay we all loved back in the 90s. It is great to see this game get a re-release because it was a well made game. If they remain faithful to the old games while successfully injecting new mechanics any gamers will have a smile from ear to ear.

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Posts: 351

Yeah its weird thinking back to all the Micky games I played as a kid, man they were great times :D

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Well, we are having quite many Mickey games lately, are we not? :-D But I still find King Mickey from KH the best ^^