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CastAR Goes to Kickstarter for Funding

By NAG3LT16-10-2013

Augmented reality glasses CastAR by the ex-Valve team of Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson promises the ability to see virtual objects in the real world for both single and multiplayer experiences. To mass produce this new way of playing games, their new company, Technical Illusions has started a Kickstarter asking for $400 000 in initial investments.

As it is a hardware project, only larger pledges will receive any devices, with $189 being the minimal cost if you want to get glasses themselves, as well as an additional $10-$30 for USA or $60-$100 for international shipping.  Lower pledges will provide you with just some tracking devices. More money will give you larger screens and more kits for more players to use. Finally the $900 price will include early prototypes, while 2 $10 000 backers will receive custom handmade CastAR glasses by Jeri Ellsworth before anybody else. This project is almost sure to succeed on Kickstarter as there are still 29 days to go, while being just few thousand short of the goal after a single day of fundraising. The finished product is estimated to ship in September 2014.

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Good on them for trying stuff like this, but after saying that...I just still don't see VR working out in the long run until we get someone who does it right, or rather, someone doing it right and getting the right amount of buzz from developers and publishers.