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Case Blue Is Go

By MrJenssen25-09-2013

Company of Heroes 2 is a great game. Though, some argue that it has an awful lot of penny-grubbing DLCs and microtransactions. Well, if you pre-ordered the game or bought the digital "collector's edition" (collector, huh? That term is getting rather washed out) you'll be happy to hear that the Case Blue DLC, as advertised above, has been released free of charge to you! Everyone else will have to dish out some money for it. In the pack, you will find a total of five missions for the game's Theater of War mode, including a Co-Op scenario, some AI battles and several challenge missions.

This is the first major DLC to be released for CoH 2, and coincides with the release of two multiplayer maps that are free for everyone. These are Kharkov and Rostov. The latter is represented in the trailer we've embedded for you below. In addition to the free maps, some more microtransaction-type mini DLCs have also been released. You know, because tank skins and commander traits can't just be free now, can they?

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I mean, seriously. Look at that fucking list of tank skins. Are you cereal, Sega? Are you seriously cereal?