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Carrier Command - The Fundamentals of War

By Bis18marck7021-09-2012

On the 28 of September, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission will be released. Made by the creators of the ARMA series, the game will be the ‘next gen re-imagination’ of the classic that came to us in the 80’s.

As Lt. Myrik you will be in command of an armed vehicle carrier in service of the United Earth Coalition. Fighting against the Asian Pacific Alliance, the game will take you to the planet of Tauros on which you battle out your little dispute. The game will combine action with strategic planning, giving you the option to fight across the archipelago from the view of the common soldier or plan and command each assault on a battle map.

For more information, check out the Fundamental of Warfare trailer and leave a comment.

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This looks really intriguing. Really hope we get to review it.