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Carmageddon Max Pack: Sadistic Racing Fun

By Bis18marck7028-09-2012

Carmageddon Max Pack is now available on GoG.com. If you happen to have supported the Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter campaign, then Stainless Games will have sent you a key for a free download. If not, you can pick it up directly at Good Old Games for $9.99.

Watch the trailer full of people with questionable mental integrity and after that, go off and let the pointless violence begin.

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Posts: 596

Ah, good memories, it was once my favourite "racing" game if you can call it that :P

Posts: 1548

Who could of thought that there might be too many good deals :D

Posts: 240

The reason the payment for all games is dollars on the site is so that everyone pays the same, no matter where they live. Pretty nifty. Anyway, I've spent so much money on GOG lately that I'll be waiting until this is discounted on a promo, even though I've been really looking forward to it. They've had way too many good deals lately.

Posts: 1548

You can.

Posts: 223

If we live outside of the US can we site purchase games from GoG.com? Really want to relive those insane Carmageddon days