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Cardboard Rainbows

By Bobfish05-08-2015

Here we go folks, another cardboard cut-out to add to the list of Rainbow Six Siege characters. This time, we have the GSG 9, hailing from Germany. They can shoot things, blow stuff up and...y'know, everything that every other character can do. Now, that might actually sound like an insult, and I won't deny it's a bit of a passive aggressive poke, but truthfully, it makes sense for a team like this. It's no good to have only one person to do each thing. They all have to be able to, just in case said team member is murdered in the face.

Bandit – Highly resourceful and adaptive, Bandit carries a crude electrical device consisting of a car battery wired to an electroshock weapon that electrifies barbwire and metallic surfaces.

Blitz – With his imposing physique, Blitz is an expert on the front lines who uses a ballistic shield that provides mobile cover with a row of eight flashbang grenades that fire to disorient targets when entering or breaching hostile environments.

IQ – IQ is a brilliant electrical engineer. She has a wrist-mounted sensor that detects electronic devices by sweeping the electromagnetic spectrum, providing visual and audio feedback.

Jäger – A technician with an affinity for complex machinery, Jäger is armed with a mountable ADS-MK IV "Magpie" that can neutralise incoming projectiles.

As for the video itself, they consist of four operatives, and we don't honestly see much of them. Or much of, uhm, much for that matter. But I'll say this for Ubisoft, props for not being ashamed to show the actual game in their cinematica-esque trailers. That little bit in the middle (0:33 ish) where a dude seems to pull a shotgun directly out of his anus is an animation from the game itself, and it looks kinda' silly. But at least they can't be accused of false advertising. The lack of a single player aspect is still a big turn off for me, but the game does show a lot of promise.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is currently set to release on October 13th across all major platforms.

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