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Capcom Releases Financial Statement

By NeonAnderson09-05-2013

Capcom has released its year-end results, showing both disappointments and surprises in a variety of its products in terms of financial performance.

Resident Evil 6 has had very low sales activity since its launch in October 2012, at which time it had sold 4.5 million units, since then it has only seen 0.4 million sales. In comparison to this, Resident Evil 5 sold a total of 6.1 million units. Capcom had projected that Resident Evil 6 would ship more units than Resident Evil 5 did, as such the sales of Resident Evil 6 did not meet their expectations. In contrast to Resident Evil 6, Dragon's Dogma managed to exceed the projected sales from Capcom. Dragon's Dogma sold over a million units in Capcom's domestic market (Japan).

Despite the less-than-expected sales results of Resident Evil 6, the overall sales of Capcom were up by nearly 15 percent, compared to the previous year, with a total year revenue of 950 million US Dollars. Yet despite the increase in overall sales the profits were down to 30 million Dollars, which is a decrease of 56 percent from last year.

Capcom expects to have similar revenue results next year, but aims to bring the profit levels back up to around the 70 million Dollar amount that the company had in 2012.

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