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Can You Survive Through the Night?

By MrJenssen18-12-2013

Dying Light is looking more and more promising the more i see of it. With Dead Island's combat and Co-Op, Mirror's Edge's parkour gameplay and a whole host of original elements thrown in for good measure, this could turn out to be a truly awesome game.

If you check out the video embedded above, you'll find some more gameplay to devour, and though not all of it is completely new - we already knew about the traps - it's still nice to see more gameplay. Especially since some of it is at night. Night, as we also already know about, differs from the daytime because some zombies turn into lethal "freaks" that run and climb and eat faster than anything else in the world of the walking dead.

You may remember seeing this gameplay footage at a certain horrifyingly bad game award show, played by and commented on by a certain horrifyingly bad Youtube user just recently, but if you're one of the people who can't stand either of these two things, then now is your chance to watch it without those obnoxious strings attached. Just 100% pure gameplay, no concentrate and no artificial flavors added.

I know Dying Light comes from Techland, and I know these guys have as many problematic games as they have great games. Dying Light is clearly very comparative to Dead Island, and though Dead Island had a great concept and a lot of entertainment, it also had a lot of issues. Let's hope Dying Light gets rid of a lot of these issues in time for release, and gives us a proper PC version. If it helps, Techland's other upcoming gritty combat-focused game Hellraid is getting adjustable FOV,  so that is hopefully a sign of things to expect from Dying Light as well.

Dying Light is set to release sometime... Yeah, sometime. You can pre-order it already though, and being that we live in the year 2013, you'll get access to some gameplay that's been taken out of the actual game if you pre-order it. Woo! That totally changes everything, and makes it so that pre-ordering games in this day and age is completely not really risky and most probably not at all stupid and wasteful.

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This is a game that I am definitely looking forward this game. This just looks awesome.