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Can You Survive Lost Planet 3?

By JcDent06-08-2013

Lost Planet 3 is the third instalment in the game series about people trying to colonize the frozen arse end of the universe known as E.D.N. III (seeing game devs trying to be smart with planet names is just cute). Of course, bugs are there, so you kill them and extract their heat, because, well...

Anyways, Lost Planet 3: Not That Lost Since It's The Third Game About It, is harping a lot about surviving in a frozen wasteland, something that will most definitely won't have a profoundly complex gameplay system behind it. It will all probably be "shoot bug, collect heat, walk forward, find a heat stash".

Anyways, you still need to promo it, and it can't be "fight bugs...again!", so there you have it. There's a Facebook test that "tests" your survival skills and let's you read about people who survived environments more hostile that the safety of your living room. It's also riddled by missed spacing and spelling mistakes (yes, even in comparison to me).

And you also have the video which details the effects of hypothermia, thus ensuring that you will not want to visit Scandinavia any time soon. Also, all this talk of survival, and the protagonist of the game still wanders around in the blizzard without any kind of sci-fi helmet or even pulling his jacket's hood on.


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Posts: 3290

Hypothermia is...nasty to say the least.

Just send Russians dude. They'll think it's a mild Summer day

Posts: 1548

Doesn't look like a cool way to go out...